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Five Practices, More Languages

Umschlagbild: Fruchtbare GemeindenThis month marks the release of Fruchtbare Gemeinden und was sie auszeichnet, the German translation of the book Five Practices of Fruitful Congregations. But whether you practice Radical Hospitality or Radikale Gastfreundschaft, the potential for vibrant and vital ministry is the same.

“The message of Five Practices reaches beyond denominational and geographic boundaries,” said Susan Salley of the United Methodist Publishing House. “Here in the U.S., Abingdon is very excited about the requests for a Spanish language edition for use in the U.S. and Puerto Rico, and work is underway.”

Abingdon Press, the imprint of United Methodist Publishing House, hopes to release the Spanish edition this summer.

Demand for Five Practices resources continues to grow. A publisher in Korea is preparing an edition to release to congregations there, and a Russian translation of the materials is in the works as well.

"While translators have occasionally changed an example or story, we find that the message of excellence in the key ministry areas is universal,” Ms. Salley said of the Spanish translation process.

Like the Spanish edition, the German translation includes cultural adaptations where needed. And Bishop Rosemarie Wenner of Germany has written the foreword for Fruchtbare Gemeinden und was sie auszeichnet.

Bishop Wenner had already begun introducing Five Practices as a motivational and educational tool for United Methodists in her episcopal area. “We need a new emphasis in mission and outreach,” she said. “We need radical, extraordinary dedication to Jesus Christ and his mission.”

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2 Responses to Five Practices, More Languages

  1. It’s great! I refer to The Five Practices… as “The ‘Purpose Driven Life’ of the United Methodist Church.” We are an international body. I hope that this book stretches well beyond our Methodist and U.S. borders. The principles are sound and transferable. Kudos!

  2. Find more sermons here: Peace Church is an international English-speaking Methodist congregation in Munich/Germany.

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