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Passionate Worship, from Day 12

Each day, we will post a different devotional randomly chosen from The Balancing Act, Cultivating Fruitfulness and Forty Days of Fruitfulness. Today’s devotional comes from Cultivating Fruitfulness.

Help us in our congregation “to sing a new song to the Lord,” to be created and re-created again and again by your Holy Spirit.

Would you be willing to support, even briefly attend, a worship service that featured a style that wasn’t your taste if it meant drawing others into God’s presence? What is the value of this kind of support?

Pray for the young people of your congregation and for the old, for the first-time visitors and long-term members, for learning from and teaching each other, and for the grace of shared worship.

Excerpted from Cultivating Fruitfulness, ©Abingdon Press, 2008.

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