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Intentional Faith Development – From Day 15

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Cultivating Fruitfulness

Churches that practice Intentional Faith Development offer high quality learning experiences that help people understand Scripture, faith, and life in the supportive nurture of caring relationships. Sunday school classes, Bible studies, short-term topical studies, support groups that apply faith to particular life challenges, children’s church, vacation Bible school, camps, retreats, and youth fellowship groups are only a few of the countless ways by which churches help people probe God’s will for their lives and for the world and bring people together to strengthen the body of Christ by building friendships and relationships. Christian disciples strive to develop faith and grow in Christ-likeness through study and learning, and God is best able to form disciples when people do this together and not by themselves.

Outside of worship, how do you deepen your understanding of the Christian faith? How do you cultivate your relationship with Christ?

Challenge: Look at your church’s newsletter, bulletin, or website; and count the ministries that help cultivate faith in children, youth, and adults. Pray for these ministries.

Adapted from Cultivating Fruitfulness, ©Abingdon Press 2008. Used by Permission.

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