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Intentional Faith Development – Day 18

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This devotional is from
Cultivating Fruitfulness

“Let the same mind be in you that was in Christ Jesus.” (Philippians 2:5)

The pastor of a small, open country congregation wrestled with how best to provide opportunities for Bible study and fellowship for members who have busy family schedules and live miles from the church and from one another.

One day she shared her dilemma and desire with one of the younger families and casually asked whether the family would consider hosting an hour-and-a-half study every other week in their home if she could get a few other families to attend. The family enthusiastically agreed, and a few weeks later they had their first home Bible study on a Tuesday night in the host’s living room with three other families present.

This worked so well that the pastor felt emboldened to ask another family on the other side of the county. The pastor now leads two groups on alternate Tuesday evenings that reach about seven couples and families.

The pastor learned several lessons from her experience. First, people desire fellowship and want to learn about the faith, but they have trouble squeezing it into their lives. The more the church can do to accommodate, the better. Second, if congregations keep the end in mind—offering quality learning in community—their leaders may have to break out of usual patterns and expectations of place, frequency, and curriculum to reach people.

Adapted from Cultivating Fruitfulness, ©Abingdon Press 2008. Used by Permission.

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