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Bishop Schnase Visits Joplin

Bishop Robert Schnase shares few words of encouragement and appeals to the churches in Missouri and across our country. Click here to watch his visit to Joplin, his Joplin Relief fund appeal as well as his appeal for the UMCOR Spring Storms fund. You are encouraged to download and share these videos in your churches and congregations. Continue reading

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187. Storm-Tossed and Called

I’ve been rereading the passion narratives during Holy Week as part of my morning devotional time, and I’m struck by the repeated expressions of Jesus’ anguished struggle. Several times in the gospel stories, Jesus says, “Father, if you are willing, remove this cup from me; yet, not my will but yours be done.” Continue reading

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185. Call to Action, Part V: A Culture of Accountability

This is the fifth in a series of blogs addressing the Council of Bishops Call to Action report. One theme that runs through the document is Accountability. The Council is asked to lead the church in creating “a culture of accountability.” Continue reading

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184. Call to Action, Part IV: Key Drivers of Vitality

The Call to Action Report calls for a ten-year sustained focus on congregational vitality and ministry as the primary place where the United Methodist Church fulfills its mission. Continue reading

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182. Call to Action, Part III – Congregations and the Mission of the Church

The first Key Recommendation of the Call to Action, found on page 20, reads, “For a minimum of ten years, use the drivers of Vital Congregations as initial areas of attention for sustained and intense concentration on building effective practices in local churches. Continue reading

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181. Call to Action Part II – Fruitfulness

A few weeks ago, I wrote an introductory blog on the Call to Action, the report unanimously approved by the Council of Bishops and the Connectional Table. Continue reading

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180. The Poetry of Christmas

A poem expresses a truth with a power bigger than the words themselves; a good poem expresses and arouses emotion, reflection, and spirit. Poetry has been a primary means of expressing the spiritual life and of delving deeper into our relationship to God since the beginning of time. Continue reading

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179. Call to Action

In November, the Council of Bishops unanimously approved the key recommendations of the Call to Action Steering Team. Continue reading

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178. The Vicious Habit

Elections are drawing near and I’m feeling pretty bombarded by negative political ads. But why have the ads become so vicious, negative, and distorted? Because these kinds of ads evidently work. Friends, we can do better. Continue reading

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177. Redesigned

I’m happy to announce the launch of our new website! has been redesigned with several new feature that bring to life the Five Practices, uniting the personal with the congregational themes. Continue reading

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